Central Library of our university was opened on January 2, 2009 on the basis of Faculty of Technical Education collection. Apart from central library, there are also department libraries at Fethi Toker Faculty of Fine Arts and Design,Safranbolu and Eskipazar Vocational School. Our libraries provide printed and electronic information resources in order to support the work of scientific research of our university; save and organize these resources in electronic form in accordance with the rules of library. It also provide the fastest and easiest way to access.
Karabuk University Library gives much importance to user satisfaction by acting with the principle of continuous improvement and self-renewal in terms of service quality and resources owned. In parallel with the rapid growth of the university, our library continuously increases its print and electronic resources in order to meet the growing needs of users and makes them available to users. By the end of 2012, printed sources have increased to 40000 and electronic resources have increased to 2.5 million. The average of 5000 materials are added to the collection each year. The materials which aren’t available in our library can be obtained from another library within the framework of co-operation between libraries. There is a spacious study hall and a computer room for users to access electronic resources.